CHE 4100/4110 Principles of Biochemistry(and lab)

CHE 4100/4110 Principles of Biochemistry/Lab 

Are you a Pre-Health Student needing Biochemistry to meet a Health Professions Program requirement?
This course was created SPECIFICALLY for YOU! 

During the 2022-2023 academic year this course was considered a special topics course and was named CHE 4600 Fundamentals of Biochemistry.  The course number and name were changed to CHE 4100 Principles of Biochemistry as the department moved through the process to have the course approved through the Academic Policies and Procedures committee.   

The HPA office can help students navigate any questions, concerns, or confusion about how this course will fulfill health professions programs requirements. 

Students should reach out to their HPA advisor for assistance. 
Ms. Crowe for Med, Dent, Opto, Pharm, and Vet Med
Ms. Reddish for PA

Published: Apr 4, 2023 10:40am