Health Professions Advising Office

Welcome to the Health Professions Advising Office! 

Explore. Plan. Succeed.

Created in 2007, we support Appalachian State University students and alumni interested in graduate health professions programs. Our mission is to equip Appalachian students and alumni who aspire to careers in health professions with increased knowledge, confidence, empathy, and self-awareness.  Individuals will explore interests; develop and prepare themselves, including gaining meaningful experience; and effectively execute a holistic plan that advances their informed professional goals.

Our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan informs our work.  

Connecting with students at Orientation, we work with students throughout their time at Appalachian, and beyond graduation when necessary.  We routinely see around 1000 students a year through individual advising, workshops, class visits, and other programming.  

Our alumni, who regularly used the HPA office in their journeys, are often very successful in gaining admission to their chosen health professions programs.