Frequently Asked Questions


  • When does the program begin?  The first AAP cohort began their journey in Fall 2022.   
  • Who is eligible?  Incoming and current students. 
  • How many students will be accepted?  Our long-term goal is to accept 10 students each year.  UNC accepted 8 students into our first AAP Scholars Cohort;  5 current students and 3 incoming students.  
  • If I'm accepted into the AAP, does that mean I'm accepted into the UNC Eshelman PharmD program?  It's a conditional acceptance, so you will need to maintain a certain GPA, participate in AAP programming, and complete additional application requirements the year prior to starting the PharmD program. 
  • Will there be a specific application to be considered for the AAP program?  Yes, and the process will differ slightly depending on if you are an incoming student vs a currently enrolled student. 
  • When will the application be available?  The application is NOW available with an  application deadline of December 1st.   
  • What criteria will be used in the admissions process?  Knowledge of the profession, academic preparation, leadership, service orientation will be factors in our holistic admissions process. 
  • What are the steps in the admissions process?  Apply/Admitted/Enrolled to the university, complete the ASU AAP application, review by ASU AAP committee, virtual interview with ASU AAP committee for invited applicants in late January, interview at UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy (March 24, 2023).  
  • What should I expect during my App State AAP Interview?  We see the App State AAP Interview having two purposes.  It gives the AAP Review Committee an opportunity to learn more about you and your interest in pharmacy.  Then, if you are selected as a finalist to interview with UNC, it is an opportunity to experience an interview.  Your virtual interview will be 20 mins long via Zoom with two members of the App State AAP Review Committee. 
  • Do I have to major in a certain discipline?  You can major in any discipline but do have to complete the science and math pre-requisites that Eshelman requires.  The Biology, Chemistry, and Exercise Science degrees have the courses embedded in the major, as interdisciplinary courses, or as elective credit.  
  • Do I have to graduate from Appalachian before starting the PharmD program?  Not necessarily.  We anticipate many students will spend three years at Appalachian before heading to UNC to begin their PharmD degree.   There will also be an opportunity for students to reverse transfer PharmD coursework back to Appalachian to complete their bachelor's degree.
  • Are you hosting any AAP Information Sessions before the Application deadline?  We will host an information session during the Fall.  Our slidedeck from last year is available for your viewing.